Waste water collection system using reinforced concrete culverts with diameter of D400 D600mm, the total length of the pipeline is about 8.336m

The Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant with capacity of 10,600m3/day, including:

  • Phase 1: capacity of 2.600m3/day (has operated since 1998 with capacity of 1.500m3/day and was improved and upgraded the biological technology to increase the capacity to 2.600 m3/day since 2012
  • Phase 2: has operated since 2008 with capacity of 4.000m3/day
  • Phase 3: has operated since 2010 with capacity of 4.000m3/day

Automatic monitoring system is able to keep track some particular parameters at the output of wastewater treatment plants such as COD, BOD, color, pH, DO, TSS

we have area with square of 960 m2 in order to temporarily collect solid waste before transfering to third parties to treat.