•  Drainage Syroad-no-1stem: An adequate drainage system together with drainage pipes installed underground of  the roads (Diameter is D600 – D1500 mm, the total length of pipe is 12.945m) will be drained the rainwater directly to adjacent the Chua stream, then to Dong nai River.
  • Communication Lines: 600 telecomunication lines and reputational ADSL suppliers such as VNPT, FPT, Vietel are available upon tenants’ demand
  • Internal Roads: internal road system with asphalt concrete pavement, width: max 32m, min 24m; load bearing 50 tons/m2.
  • Soid condition: Average 22m above the sea level. The composition’s ground is mainly sand and clay with bearing capacity of 15 tons/m2 in the range of standard footing depth for factory construction.
  • Landscape: Trees and grass along internal road always are took care carefully to have a beautiful landscape for Loteco