Established in 10/04/1996, LOTECO is a joint venture company between Sojitz Corporation (Japan) and ThaiSon Group (Vietnam) with total investment for 100ha of first phase is 41 millions USD, in which legal investment is 12.5 millions USD, has two main products that are land and built-factory according to request of tenant. LOTECO is the unique industrial park in Dong Nai province has export processing zone inside. With those advantage points, LOTECO is well-known as one of reliable choices for foreign investor.


There are 49 companies from many countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, America, Singapore…with total legal investment about 215 millions USD. Projects in LOTECO were choosen with criteria that are modern technologies, limit bad impacts to environment such as electronic, mechanical, garments. Some famous investor in LOTECO are Yupoong, Muto, Taewang Vina, Suzuki…All of them have efficiently operated so far.

Up to now, we’ve invested 37.5 million USD for the entire infrastructure in LOTECO and we continue improving it, includes power supply system (2 transformers with capacity 2 x 63MVA -110kV/ 22kV.), waste water treatment plant (capacity of 10.600m3 per day)…With those fully-integrated Infrastructure, we have ablility to supply at least more 100ha.  

Loteco applied ISO 9001, Quality Management and ISO 14001, Environmental Management. We are focusing on High Quality and Environmental-friendly services. In additional, LOTECO has very active and experienced employees, always effort for tenants’ successes. LOTECO would like to invite more and more foreign investors to Vietnam.