Tenants in LOTECO Industrial Zone

1Aureole Fine Chemical Products Co., LtdChemical products
2Arirang Chemical Co. Ltd.Printer ink
3Boram Forging Co., LtdAutomobile, motobike parts
4Chienta Bolt Co., Ltd.Motor bike part
5Deachang Rubber VN Co., Ltd.Rubber
6Deuck woo Vietnam Co., LtdWashing garment product
7Dong Il Interlining Co., Ltd.Fabrics
8Dong Jin Leiports Vina Co., LtdGolf bags
9DongJin Textile Vina Co., LtdWeave
10Dong Jin Viet Nam J.S.CMotor
11Emico Vietnam Co., LtdPlastic and metal products
12Fujikura Electronics Viet Nam Ltd.Electronic parts
13Gold Coin Feedmill Đong Nai Co., LtdFeedmill
14Green World Co., LtdFood
15G.S.ACE Vina Co., Ltdinox sheet
16Happy Cook Co., LtdCookware
17Happys Water Co., LtdABS plastic
18Hasung Vietnam Co., LtdSteel fabrication
19Jaeill Vietnam Co., LtdTextile
20Kaya Vina Co., LtdTextile
21Aureole Mitani Chemical & Environment Inc.Chemical products
22Mitsuba M-Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.Motorcycle parts
23Muto VN Co., LtdPlastic mold
24Branch Long Binh of Olam Vietnam Co., LtdAgricultural Commodities
25Onishi Vietnam Co., LtdAuger bits
26Peaktop (Viet Nam) Co., LtdCandles
27Seorim Co., LtdFlatware
28Shinhan Vina Co., LtdChemical products
29SM Alupack Co., LtdAluminium foil
30Solar Rich Co., LtdMotorcycle parts
31Vietnam Suzuki Co., LtdMotobike & car
32Tae Kwang MTC Vina Co., Ltd.Shoes
33Techchem Resin Co., LtdChemical resin, Formalin, industrial chemical
34Teijin Frontier Vietnam Co., LtdGarment products
35Thai Kodama (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.Plastic sheets
36Three Brothers Industry Vietnam Co., LtdMotorcycle parts
37TTD INC Vietnam Co., LtdAutomobile parts
38Ulhwa Viet Nam Co., LtdTextile
40Weizheng industry Viet nam Co., LtdPaints
41Young Jin Textile Viet Nam Co., LtdTextile